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Parents dealing with a child who is seriously ill have a new normal. The initial diagnosis and learning curve itself is emotionally and physically draining and most parents cannot look  too far into the future at this point. They may well be in the middle of critical treatments before they come to realize that this is a long-term deal.

I will soon have a handy e-book available with 61 tips for parents who are learning this coping process. The tips help to plan for some of the unexpected detours your life takes when your child is diagnosed and being treated for a life threatening illness. Diseases like Leukemia, Sickle Cell, Juvenile Diabetes, and many others change the meaning of NORMAL for most families.

One of the tips I write about is education. Educate yourself, your spouse, your child, and your family and friends about the disease your child is enduring. Do not depend on the health care team to tell you everything you need to know. While they will try to do the best they can, they may assume you are aware of certain parts of the treatment plan so you best be prepared.

Another tip I offer is to plan at least fifteen minutes of fun into every single day, no matter what. Laughter is the best medicine, it reduces stress, and it keeps you connected to those around you when you share a laugh. Whether it is a laugh over pouring salt into your coffee instead of sugar, burning dinner in your haste, or a laugh over a ridiculous commercial on television, the point is you need to laugh. It releases stress hormones and helps your ability to cope under stress. And it is stressful when your child is ill.

Keep checking for more tips and information coming. As a pediatric critical care nurse, I hope to keep offering even simple tips to help you and your family cope under the most trying of circumstances.

Leave a comment or suggestion if you have a coping skill or tip you would like to share with other parents. Together we can help others through these trying times.  My goal is to bless those who may need that extra bit of understanding or information. My passion is children, and sick ones particularly as they hold a special place in my heart as they battle.

My prayer today is for all parents going through this kind of struggle. May God give you strength day by day.


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