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Spina Bifida-

Posted on: June 26, 2010

Spina Bifida is a neural tube defect. That sounds very complicated, but what that means is the embryonic structure that will develop into the unborn baby’s brain and spinal cord has a defect. Most likely the spinal cord will not be totally enclosed.
Spina bifida may be very minor and almost undetected or it may be extremely obvious from the sac of tissue at the newborn baby’s back. Symptoms likewise maybe absent or they may be severe enough to cause paralysis, seizures, or bowel and bladder problems.
Many times these defects are detected during pregnancy and often some form of surgical treatment may be suggested soon after the baby is delivered.
Preparing yourself for what comes next is important. Follow these tips to make certain you understand what will happen next with your baby and your health.

1. Ask any questions you have and expect to get answers that you understand. If you are still confused about some aspect of your care or the status of your unborn child, ask again.
2. Take someone with you to all your appointments so you have two sets of ears. If you and a partner or friend listen together, it ensures that you are both hearing the same information.
3. List all of your medical history and the medications that you take. It is important for your physician to know if there is a history of neural tube defects in your family or if you have a history of other pregnancies that include this problem.
4. Eat a healthy diet and take the prescribed vitamins before and during your pregnancy.
5. Learn all that you can about what this means for your baby. Knowing and planning for the delivery, the post delivery treatments, and the prognosis, will help you prepare family members and siblings for the future.

The outcome for infants with Spina Bifida will depend on early interventions and the severity of the defect. Ask your health care provider about support groups, clinical trials,and community services in your area to assist you in finding the best treatment and support for your baby’s future.


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