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Rates for cures up….

Posted on: June 6, 2010

  • Cancer is not a death sentence. Every day there are new and improved results from treatments and research is working hard to find cures.

Relay for Life walks are happening all over the country this summer and it goes along way to prove that treatments work. More and more survivors are making that survivors lap… kids, women, men, people of all ages with all kinds of cancer. This is fantastic news. Breast cancer for instance has a greater than 85 percent cure rate if caught early and Leukemia has almost a 95 percent rate of remission when treated early.

I am looking for kids who have won this fight, those who are doing well and can give advice to others. Do you know a child like that who we can present here as an inspiration to others just beginning their fight? Email me the information if you would like to see someone you know recognized for winning the battle over cancer.

Cancer is an ugly word…. one no parent wants to hear. I have cared for children from the age of 11 days old who have been diagnosed and treated for cancer. It happens and we cannot give up the research and the funding for finding cures for all childhood cancers. One day I want to see every child win and make that survivors lap in their hometown.  Go Ben!

Visit www.lls.org for information on childhood cancers, blood cancers, and support for adults who have leukemia, lymphoma, or other blood related diseases.

Donate to the American Cancer Society in your community and visit your physician for your yearly check up for early detection screening. Remember, cancer does not have to be a death sentence, it can be just one chapter in your life.


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