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Meet Lilly… my fictional character

Posted on: June 4, 2010

I have so many characters floating around in my head and all of them center around brave children who have big hearts and know how to have fun. They enjoy life and can laugh at themselves, and they embrace every day as a gift.

The character closest to my heart is Lilly Isabella Lane. I created her with the characteristics of several children that I have cared for over the years and who proved to show the bravery equal to that of soldiers fighting a different kind of war. These kids all fought the war of disease, and some of them won the battle.

Lilly is  a nine-year old who has been diagnosed with Leukemia, a form of cancer in children. I created her spunk from the same spunk that I see real life kids express when dealing with this same real life disease. She wears silly hats, she loves horses, and of course she has a cat, a big, yellow, furry cat. Doesn’t she sound fun?

My question to parents and kids going through diagnosis, treatment, and healing from this childhood disease, can you relate to a fictional character if that character is going through the same things you have or does a story have to be about a real person to touch your heart?

My nursing experience has led me to believe that children need to read about fictional characters who are doing and feeling the same things they are. It feels safer in some ways, because let’s face it. Real life is hard and words don’t come easy face to face.

Let me know how you feel about fictional characters. Can you learn from them, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Help me out here because Willy Lamar is crying out to be heard and to talk about Sickle Cell Disease in a fictional ABC sequel to Lilly’s story.

Let your opinions be heard.

Tomorrow, a couple of tips for parents as they cope with having a very sick child.


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